For several years, the travel agency has become a real fashionable phenomenon. Indeed, there are more than 5,000 travel agencies in France. They offer various services that vary according to the budget and preferences of each person in order to obtain optimal satisfaction during a stay.

Travel agency

First of all, a travel agency is a company that sells offers of stays and that helps the customer to prepare himself on the different perspectives of his trip. In short, it is an intermediary between the travelers and the co-organizers of the trip (airlines, car rentals, tour operators, as well as other providers). A travel agency works with different providers, and offers many customized services. Indeed, each service of a travel agency must meet the expectations of customers. Therefore, it is the services offered that determine the choice of a customer on the destination and the different aspects of his future trip. Find the right travel agency for you, like Monde Authentique travel agency. However, you can write a letter of complaint with supporting evidence, if the reality of the services does not correspond to the indications on the advertising documents, brochures or descriptive sheets.

The services of a travel agency

The main service of a travel agency is the total satisfaction of a customer in relation to the proposed stays. A travel agency takes care of the planning of a trip, it must meet the requirements of customers in terms of services (hotels, restaurants, transportation, activities). It is important to know that travel agencies offer a wide variety of services, each one different from the other, and that the services depend on the providers. For example, the possibility of having a tourist guide, the presence of activities such as hiking, surfing, diving. Often, the agencies offer very attractive stays that meet the budgets and different preferences of its customers. In case of a change in any of the essential elements of the stays, you can ask for a refund, but you can also be offered another service that might interest you.


When purchasing a package tour, a travel agency has an obligation to inform its customers. Specifically, on the date of destination, the conditions of accommodation, the conditions of cancellation of the trip, the terms of price revision. In addition, it must specify the administrative and sanitary formalities in case of border crossing. Each service of a travel agency is its responsibility. The customer is always warned about the danger of destinations, for example where the political situation is degraded. But in addition to these obligations to its customers, the travel agency is responsible for the services performed by its providers. For example, if a customer is overbooked because the airline sold more tickets than there were seats available. Similarly, if the food provided by a restaurant is out of date, the travel agency is always liable.