With a travel agency, you can travel with peace of mind, without worrying about anything. However, comfort and serenity have a cost. Indeed, you should foresee agency fees, the amount of which can vary from one provider to another.

What is the advantage of going through a travel agency?

First of all, the travel agency is responsible for the intermediaries in the organization of a trip. The customer will have only one interlocutor. In the event of a dispute, the agency is fully responsible for the errors made by its partners. The offers are very varied: organized trips, à la carte stays, themed trips, transport tickets, car reservations... Moreover, the professional can take care of all the organizations related to the trip. In short, it is a turnkey solution that offers considerable time savings. In addition, you will benefit from a personalized welcome and the advice of a travel expert. You will also have access to all the necessary information: formalities, vaccinations, etc. Finally, the cost of a travel agency is usually included in the price.

Which travel agency to choose?

You can choose between an independent agency or one belonging to a network. Make sure you find a serious and trustworthy professional. The service provider must be registered with the French Tourist Development Agency. This is a guarantee of efficiency, because in order to obtain the registration, one must prove professional aptitude, legal capacity, and have a financial guarantee and civil liability insurance. You can check the presence of the registration number on all issued documents. In addition, a reliable agency always offers a travel contract in due form. The document details at least the services included in the service, the price and the method of payment. Finally, ask your friends and family for their opinion. Word of mouth is an effective way to find a competent travel specialist.

How much are the agency fees?

Initially, agencies were paid by the airlines and other suppliers. With the constant decrease in prices, the latter have reduced the amount of commissions. To compensate for the losses, the travel experts charge additional fees to the clients in return for the service. These are called travel agency fees. It is important to be aware of the agency's policy, as some agencies will charge you a fee even if you do not purchase the trip. Others, on the other hand, only charge a fee when the deal is done. In any case, the cost of a travel agency can vary greatly from one agency to another. You will find the mention "service fee" at the agency or in the terms of sale if you choose an online agency.