Van travel or "vanlife" represents a rare level of freedom that many people would like to experience. This lifestyle is not always easy, but it does not have to be a daunting challenge. Traveling by van can be quite enjoyable, as long as travelers are aware of the essentials and mistakes to avoid during a road trip.

Estimate the budget and anticipate the expenses

The activities performed during a van trip will generally depend on the budget set by the travelers, as well as their consumption habits. By accurately determining the budget amount based on expenses and resources, travelers will be able to enjoy comfort without imposing a major compromise. The majority of the expenses incurred during the trip will be for fuel. Hotels, restaurants or additional transportation are not included in the budget, so the van will be considered a mobile "all-in-one" vehicle, able to hold a significant amount of food, entertainment, sanitation and accommodation. The vehicle must also have the appropriate equipment to ensure its maintenance. Travelers should budget at least 10% for contingencies.

Make sure your trip is up to standard

Road legislation is an essential element to consider for adventurers wishing to travel by van. Each country has its own road legislation, and if they plan to cross several borders, they will have to inform themselves about any changes in the road code, in order to continue to drive legally. The administrative documents must also be available to the travelers in case of control (passport, identity card, license, insurance, car registration, etc.). The driver must keep 2 copies of each document. Some countries do not allow certain activities in a vehicle (sleeping, cooking, etc.) and it is recommended to know the legislation in force to avoid fines or particular sanctions.

Traveling by van: mistakes to avoid

Travelers will always be prone to making mistakes that can negatively impact the van experience. Communication is imperative for anyone wishing to travel with companions. Everyone should contribute to the trip, through good organization and hygiene. The maintenance of the van should also be considered, as well as gasoline, because the money saved on lodging and food may be reinvested in repairs if neglected.