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The world has much to offer. Far from being a simple leisure activity, travel is an enriching activity full of surprises. Depending on the destination, these escapades into the unknown offer you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Some round-the-world experiences are life-changing. Discover the world and make your own experience.

But a trip should always be prepared in advance. Remember to take your phobias and passions into account when choosing a destination. The advice of a professional is always relevant, especially if it is your first trip. A trip around the world is a lifelong dream, so get the best people to make it the best experience. More on hô

When travelling around the world, you always want to see everything, even if it is not possible. In order to choose the places, you can draw up 3 columns. In the first column you put 2 to 5 top destinations, with the reasons for your decision. Then put in another column the experiences or tours to visit, in order to find suitable destinations.

With this system, you can sort out what you want to do and what you can do. You can then choose according to your budget, the time you have available and the means to achieve it. In any case, always have a back-up in case of problems returning to your home country. And don’t forget to check the conditions for each destination. Find more destinations on


Wildlife Safaris

These are tailor-made trips that allow you to observe animals and commune with nature.


To choose the best and most convenient offer, a tailor-made trip is ideal for couples travelling for honeymoons.


A cruise is a unique journey, with the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious stay on a unique means of transport.

Summer holidays

Make the most of your summer holidays with tailor-made, all-inclusive or optional travel offers. Several destinations to choose from.

Luxury travel

All inclusive is the ultimate in luxury travel. Don’t think about anything else and just enjoy your holiday.

Camping holidays

Camping holidays

Outdoor enthusiasts, tailor-made camping trips are made for you. Outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, have fun in a different way.

For both novice and seasoned travellers, travel arrangements should be made in advance so that nothing is forgotten. This will also help you to reduce stress as you will have had time to plan everything.

Preparing for the trip

It is essential to plan a travel budget, depending on the country of destination. Accommodation, transport, meals and activities must be taken into account.

You need to prepare in advance the reservation of hotels, the plane ticket, the means of transport, … Some travel agencies also propose to plan the activities.

Travel insurance should also be taken out when you are preparing for your trip. These are compulsory documents, regardless of the travel destination.


Unpublished travel memories to make you want to leave!

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